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Any of this sound like you?

You run a large, profitable "Low-Tech" business

You make money by selling products or services, not software. You've been doing what you do for a long time, and you do it well.

You've looked at building software for customers & staff

While software isn't your core business, you know that if done right - it has the potential to improve how you offer your services, improve your business processes, and allow you to scale further and faster.

You're ready to Digitize, but not sure where to start

A lot of your business processes run on disconnected or offline tools like spreadsheets, email, and paper documents. It works, but it's cumbersome. At the same time, moving to a unified system is daunting & requires in-house expertise.

What's Two Sided Software?

Two-sided software is software that serves both your customers and your team, using one database as the "single source of truth".

Traditionally, each of the systems above would be built separately and patched together by different teams over time, leaving them brittle and clunky. At Tonic, we've developed a framework for building them holistically and in a way that grows with your business.

No More Lost In Translation

With traditional agencies, developers have no direct contact with anyone but the Project Manager, and thus very little understanding of the business or customer goals. This leads to an anti-collaborative team culture where messages get passed back and forth through the Project Manager, which ultimately produces low quality products and experiences.

At Tonic, we hire and train developers whose naturally tendency is to communicate and empathise with end users, and who have a desire to understand the people and problems they're solving for. Additionally, our process puts all stakeholders in regular direct contact, ensuring that the team remain tethered to the business and end-user goals they're building for.

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